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    We gave possession away cheaply at times and didnt close them down quickly enough. Furthermore we didnt cash in on our opportunities until late in the first half and we have ourselves to blame for Le

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    As the countdown to the new English Premier League campaign gathers pace, Bulgaria will be keeping a closer eye on the action than usual. Dimitar Berbatovs success in a Tottenham Hotspur FC shirt last

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    Samuel Etoos threat to leave the pitch after suffering racial abuse from the crowd during Saturdays Primera División match between FC Barcelona and Real Zaragoza has put the issue of racism in Span

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    Brazils win over Argentina in Belo Horizonte was given vast coverage in the respective countries media. As expected, the Brazilian press had a field day, taking particular pleasure in Ronaldos glitt

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    Already qualified for the knockout rounds, Juventus will be seeking a handsome win against point-less SK Rapid Wien in Austria as they aim to leapfrog FC Bayern München at the Group A summit and secur

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